We're Making Real Estate Fun Again

Call us to go over all the benefits of eXp and what we are doing on our team to support our agents above and beyond what eXp provides.

Join the "Agent Obsessed" Real Estate Brokerage

eXp is obsessed with giving agents ownership in the company through revenue share and stock in EXPI. This is on top of the many tools and support they provide to make their agents successful.

Benefits provided by eXp:

Live Training

Over 50 hours of live training every week for agents of all experience levels. Support classes that show you how to market, new agent training and also classes for experienced agents to learn new skills and stay motivated.

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One of the most powerful CRMs for real estate agents. Comes with a website, MLS search for clients, lead capture and lots of automatic responses and drip campaigns built in.

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Real Time Support

eXp is focused on remote working and gives support through a real time virtual office where you can talk to the support staff or your state broker and get quick help. No more waiting for days for your broker to get back to you.

Automated Marketing

Turn Key Digital advertising campaigns are managed for you and leads are fed into kvCore with automated responses so you can focus your time on real estate.

Benefits provided by our team:


New agents or those who want more business can participate in our coaching program that provides training and accountability.

Daily Strategy Meetings

Daily (M-F) morning calls with new topics and guest speakers daily. Weekly calls focused on new agents, experienced agents and team building.

Turn Key Website

A website is given by kvCore but if you want to build upon that with a more robust site or more than one website, our team offers turn key websites that have already been designed so you don't have to pay to build your own.

Build Your Network

We have learned how to attract agents to our network, let us teach you how to do the same. Learn how to have your broker pay you for a change.

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